Mojo Gives You a Baby 2020

Once again, IVF Michigan has teamed up with Mojo in the Morning and Channel 95.5 to give you a baby! So far, 19 babies have been born from this contest and more are on the way. If you've been struggling to get pregnant, this contest could help you add a little...

Mojo Gives You a Baby

The Correct Method For Calculating Your Ovulation

IVF Michigan's Dr. Cottrell was recently quoted regarding calculating your ovulation. Dr. Hanh Cottrell from IVF Michigan says, "Your fertile window is about a week before anticipated ovulation." Therefore, having sex throughout that week increases your chances of...

Calculating your ovulation

IVF Michigan Twins Visit Mojo in the Morning

The Spraders, winners of the Mojo in the Morning Mojo Gives You a Baby contest, joined Mojo in the Morning in studio to talk about their 7-year struggle with infertility, working with IVF Michigan and Dr. Shamma, and the arrival of their gorgeous twins - Amelia and...

Mojo Gives You a Baby