Genetic Testing during Pregnancy

IVF Michigan Fertility Center offers two genetic testing services for pregnant women. The first, Verifi prenatal test, is an additional screening tool for pregnant women to ensure the health of their baby through a non-invasive method at an earlier stage than was possible with conventional screening tools. The gender of the fetus may also be identified. The second test is a tool for women who are experiencing miscarriages and are interested in identifying the cause of the aborted pregnancy by completing a chromosomal analysis of their Products of Conception.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis: Screen for Trisomy 13, 18 or 21 (Down Syndrome) and identify the gender of your fetus through a non-invasive blood test at 10 weeks. IVF Michigan Fertility Center completes NIPD using the Verifi Prenatal Test.

Productions of Conception (POC): Fetal loss is the most common pregnancy complication, occurring in 25-30% of recognized pregnancies. Chromosomal analysis on Products of Conception may help identify the cause of pregnancy loss and improve management of future pregnancies by considering Assisted Reproductive Techniques and Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening to avoid the recurrence of miscarriages.

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