FAQs for Egg Donors

Will donating my eggs affect my future fertility?

No, egg donation does not appear to have any long-term effects on your fertility.  

What are the minimum requirements for egg donation?

  • Healthy female between the ages of 21-32
  • Does not use recreational drugs or excessive alcohol
  • Non-smoker
  • Healthy weight for her height
  • Regular menstrual cycles
  • Not currently on medications, other than birth control
  • Not using contraceptive implants
  • No sexually transmitted diseases
  • Does not have (or carry) any genetic diseases
  • Having both ovaries, no reproductive problems
  • Psychologically healthy
  • Have a flexible schedule during the procedure (around 2 weeks)

What are the steps involved in being added to a Donor List?

  1. Donor Application: To begin the egg donation process, first complete our detailed donor application. Once you have completed the form, email it to our Donor program coordinator along with a photo of you as a baby and a recent photo. Please put "Your name - Egg Donor" as the subject of the email.
  2. Consultation and Testing: If you quality for the program, an IVF Michigan Fertility Center staff member will contact you to schedule an appointment at our Bloomfield Hills center. During your first visit to the center, you will discuss the details of the program. Following the discussion, if you would like to continue with the application process, you will complete FDA required blood tests and cultures and an ultrasound scan. All of this will take place during one visit.
  3. Future Egg Donation Cycle: After successfully completing the screening process, you are added to our Donor List. Once you are selected by a recipient, we will coordinate your Egg Donor Cycle.

What are the steps of a Donor IVF Cycle?

  1. Screening Visit: After successfully being placed on the Donor List and being selected by a recipient, you will come in to have a screening visit before beginning your Egg Donor cycle. This screening test must be completed before each Egg Donation Cycle, if you chose to repeat the process in the future. During this visit, you will have blood tests to check for infections, sexually transmitted diseases and some genetic disorders. An up to date PAP Smear is also necessary. 
  2. Ovarian Stimulation: On Day 2 or 3 of the Menstrual cycle, medication is prescribed to stimulate the growth of multiple follicles in the ovaries. These hormone injections may be taken at home or at the clinic.During this time, follicular growth is monitored through ultrasound as they develop into eggs and hormone levels are tracked through blood tests. These visits can be done at our clinic or any nearby clinic if you are residing outside Michigan. 36 – 40 hours before the scheduled Egg Retrieval, a “trigger” shot is given to induce maturation of the eggs within a scheduled timeframe.
  3. Egg Retrieval: The Egg Retrieval procedure will take place at IVF Michigan Fertility Center Bloomfield Hills. Your eggs are retrieved using a transvaginal technique involving a very thin ultrasound-guided needle to reach your ovaries. The number of eggs retrieved depends on how your body has reacted to the fertility medication. The retrieval procedure takes about 15 minutes and is done under sedation. Following the procedure, you may feel some cramping which may last for approximately two days.

Is the Egg Retrieval procedure painful? 

The egg retrieval is done under sedation so that you do not feel any discomfort during the process. Sometimes, following the procedure, you may experience slight cramping similar to that of a menstrual cycle. IVF Michigan Fertility Center recommends that you rest for 24 hours following the Egg Retrieval. You should be able to return to school or work the following day. 

Will my personal lifestyle be affected by donating my eggs? 

The process of Egg Donation takes place over two weeks starting from the second day of your menstrual cycle. Over the two week period, you will make approximately six to eight visits to your physician that may not be missed. You are at a higher risk of conceiving during this period so it is advised to abstain from sexual intercourse or to have protected sexual intercourse during the time you are on fertility medication. We also recommend abstaining from unprotected sexual intercourse in the month following Egg Donation. 

What are the risks related to egg donation? 

Most egg donors go through the process with no side effects from injectable medication. However, some may experience bloating, some weight gain, pelvic discomfort or moodiness. There is also a small risk (less than 5%) of ovarian hyperstimulation. Your physician will discuss these risks with you in detail.  . 

Will I be compensated for donating my eggs? 

Yes. You are compensated for your time on the day of Egg Retrieval. 

Will my information and donation be confidential? 

Your identity and the information obtained during the screening process will be kept confidential. Our program is an anonymous program which means that the donor does not know the identity of the recipient nor will the recipient know the identity of the donor.

If you are interesting in being an Egg Donor and have any questions you would like answered, please email the IVF Michigan Fertility Center  Donor Program Coordinator or call our Bloomfield Hills center +1 248 952 9600.