True or False: Hot Tubs Can Decrease Men's Fertility

Rumors have been spread that men should stay away from hot tubs if they want to maintain their fertility.  What started as an old wives’ tale has recently been studied and documented by urologists.  Some studies in recent years have concluded that frequent exposure to heat can impair sperm production.  It is recommended that men avoid saunas, hot tubs, and other potential sources of heat that affect a man’s testicles if they plan to conceive a child, because increasing testicular temperature hinders sperm production and motility.  Despite these findings, men should not run from their bath tubs and jacuzzis all together, but rather limit their exposure to high temperatures. 

            While studies initially confirm that excessive heat can have negative effects on sperm, more studies would need to be performed regarding the relationship between heat exposure and male infertility, until it is definitively known whether this level of heat exposure plays a significant role in fertility issues.  However, some studies have shown that the effects of heat exposure to the testicles can be reversed for some men with reduced exposure.  Therefore, there is no need to fear infertility if these comforts are enjoyed in moderation!

            While hot tubs may have an effect on male infertility, there are many other factors to consider when determining fertility issues.  If you have concerns about infertility, please contact IVF Michigan Fertility Center to speak with a fertility specialist.