Natural Ways To Prepare Yourself For A Successful IVF

One of the most common questions we hear from our patients at IVF Michigan Fertility Clinic is “what can I do to better my chances at becoming pregnant from IVF?”

And, unfortunately, there’s not a simple answer as there are many factors to consider, the most common being age, weight and the cause of infertility.  But there are a few steps you can take to prepare your mind and body for IVF and, ultimately, for a successful, healthy pregnancy. Please note that none of these is required before receiving IVF treatments at IVF Michigan Fertility Center, and these suggestions are not to be taken in lieu of medically administered fertility treatments.

While it may be the most challenging instruction to follow, at IVF Michigan we tell all of our fertility clinic patients that they need to reduce their stress levels. Stress takes a giant toll on our bodies. We understand that it is likely impossible to eliminate everything that causes you stress, but you can implement different tactics to help manage your stress, like exercising. While exercise is recommended for stress reduction and overall health, we must advise female patients not to overdo it. We recommend women get 30 to 40 minutes of cardio, three times a week.  Add in yoga or light weight lifting on the days you’re not doing cardio. In one study, women who exercised more than four hours per week actually reduced their IVF success rate up to 30%.

Acupuncture and massage can also help to reduce the stress related to infertility diagnosis and treatment. Whether they also increase the success rate of IVF remains unproven but continues to be researched. Fertility acupuncture and massaging are techniques that are thought to help support reproductive health, your menstrual cycle and your fertility. They may aid circulation to the ovaries and uterus, reduce stress levels, and promote egg health.  You can generally find a massage therapist who specializes in fertility massage or acupuncture with a simple Google search; however, IVF Michigan Fertility Clinic can also make a recommendation if you’d like.  These massages should only be done before and during the IVF cycle (not once you become pregnant).

Also, a balanced and nutritious diet is key to ensure your body is in its healthiest form to host a baby. This also means that you should make sure you are at, or close to, a normal BMI range. You can find out your BMI here:

The research of Dr. Jorge Chavarro helped delineate what we now call the “fertility diet.”  The fertility diet focuses on avoiding some of the nutritional characteristics found in the diet of a group of infertile women with ovulation problems.  Patients interested in following this diet should do the following:

·         Reduce the intake of saturated fat compared to mono unsaturated fat

·         Reduce the intake of rapidly digested carbs compared to slowly digested carbs

·         Reduce animal protein compared to plant protein

·         Reduce high protein compared to low protein

·         Increase the amount of whole milk products

When it comes to smoking, not only has it been proven to be bad for your overall health, it is also wreaks havoc on your fertility.  Studies show that smoking increases the chance of infertility by 60%.  Smoking may also increase the risks of miscarriage. At IVF Michigan, we advise all of our patients to quit smoking while trying to achieve and during pregnancy.

Not all caffeine is off limits during fertility treatments and pregnancy.  However, caffeine intake of more than 500 mg daily (that’s more than five cups per day) can reduce fertility and drinking more than 200-300 mg (two to three cups) may increase risk of miscarriage. Moderate caffeine consumption (one to two cups of coffee per day or its equivalent) before or during pregnancy has no apparent adverse effects on fertility or pregnancy outcomes. So, sip that single cup of coffee but call it quits once it’s gone.

Lastly, IVF Michigan’s doctors recommend that you start taking prenatal supplements and folic acid to prepare your body for in vitro fertilization and pregnancy. And, remember, the mother is not the only person who should be taking care of herself and reducing her stress during this period; your significant other should also follow these tips as well.

For any additional questions regarding the best way to prepare yourself for IVF and pregnancy, contact us at 855-952-9600.