Donor Services

IVF Michigan Fertility Center offers IVF with an intended parent, Donor Eggs or Donor Sperm. 

Recipient Parents: If you are interested in an egg or sperm donor cycle, we can help you start your family with an anonymous egg or sperm donor. We are proud to have a very high rate of success with donor cycles (up to 80%) and have egg and sperm donors from different races and cultures, so we are able to find the most suitable donor to help you in making your little miracle.

Become an Egg Donor: Thank you for your interest in donating your eggs to IVF Michigan Fertility Center. Each year, IVF Michigan Fertility Center is able to help many couples fulfill their dreams of parenthood with the help of women like you. Apart from the emotional reward, IVF Michigan Fertility Center offers each Egg Donor monetary compensation. If you would like to help a couple in creating their family and you meet the requirements below, you can apply now to become an egg donor.

If you are interested in completing an IVF Cycle with Donor Egg or Donor Sperm or if you are interested in becoming an Egg Donor, contact IVF Michigan Fertility Center Bloomfield Hills center today by calling (248) 952-9600 or email our Donor Program Coordinator